What The Bleep Do We Know

Synopsis: The neurological processes and “quantum uncertainty” of life are explored in this film. Thrust from her mundane life into an Alice in Wonderland-like world, Amanda (MarleeĀ Matlin) must develop a brand-new perception of the world and the people she interacts with. Interviews with various experts are interspersed throughout the film, which combines narrative, documentary and animation.

Waking Life

Most people will not understand Waking Life. Some will find it to be one of the most brilliant pieces of film ever produced. I found it to be beyond words; a combination of film, groundbreaking computer animation, and a difficult and profane script that produces a sublime interpretation of existence.

The Secret

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Other Must Watch Life Changing Mind Opening Movies…

  • Way of a Peaceful Warrior
  • The Living Matrix
  • The Secret
  • The Shift


  • The Social Network Movie
  • Inception
  • Shutter Island
  • The Island
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