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Psychology & The Brain

Secret Life of the Brain

‘Secret Life of The Brain’ covering teenagers, addiction, and the need to change your mind.

A scientific evaluation perceiving changes in the mind as “disorders”.
This perspective disallows for “changing your mind” unless physical altered.

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Zion 2012

A must watch…
there are many, so when the video finishes, click on the top right for the next in line.
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Big Bear to EVEREST

Big Bear to EVEREST
A Boy and a Quest for the Seven Summits 2010 news: it’s ON. Everest, the north side. Depart early April ‘10.
Read the fascinating article about Jordan and Paul and Karen in Outside Magazine. Loved the part where he acknowledged too many youngsters are wasting their life playing World of Warcraft. A very sensitive subject in my house. My kid’s a bit addicted and my lectures arent working. Drooled at the prospect of my own son dragging a tire from a rope tied around his waste up a 500 meter hill ten times after school before going on a 10 mile bike ride.. BANG! That’s my dream life. Also, serious questions about whther a 13 year old can handle the stress of failures/setbacks in the death zone when hypoxia setting in.

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