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Soul Meets Body

Inside we are light, a soul, an entity, spirit.

The body or being that we are within, in this life, acts as a sheath. It’s
bodily concerns, connections, brain, sensitivities, DNA are like a straight
jacket to the soul of what was once free roaming energy. It looks as though
we have covered ourselves with a giant skin condom. We would almost have to
be like a Mac Gyver to get it all to work. At the helm we sit, blinded by
this body bag over our heads from birth. We see the world around us, as our
need interprets it to be. Eventually we form some kind of idea about what it
is we are seeing, smelling, tasting, hearing and feeling, but still the
majority of the sensing is relative to our senses of this body. Deep within
is our tied up eternal being learning how to be trapped, how to thrive.
Gradually and by no way of control, we experience random soulful experiences
when we are not thinking, needing anything, or expecting anything. Often we
call it a miracle. When you look at the design, it is nothing short of a
miracle. Random acts and reactions fling energy, form and redirect it like
we are titans throwing fireballs made up of intentions.

We learn through time, experience and interactions, that the senses are only
to keep the body alive. Because this body straight jacket takes all of our
attention, captivated, we idolize it and in essence seek to gain control of
it. If it has brought us less pleasure than pain, we try to kill it much
quicker, by ignoring its needs, and ability as a source of happiness and

Negative experiences degenerate the body by way of our mind. We numb our
senses. If It cries out to us, we disconnect it, take a drug, or a stimulant
if it doesn’t respond how we need it to. We spend our whole lives killing
our bodies in the name of controlling them to provide us with more pleasure
and living longer. Total obsession with finding good feelings faster, we
kill what we need to thrive by alienating what we can’t control.

Deep within is a trapped soul trying to get out. Thwarted by it’s shell, it
manifests. Calm the soul with the body and the body with the soul. Without
total communication, attention and participation, life degenerates.

Unless we respect that our physical body represents our mode of
transportation and participation in this physical world, it may degenerate
faster. Whether the mind takes a negative turn or the physical body does, if
either ignore the other, one takes over, stronger, but in a sense,
ultimately weaker, for it is on it’s own.
We can live in our minds. We can ignore our physical needs. As our minds
grow, it’s almost as though they can take the load off of the body. The more
we think we are happy the less we have to do to achieve it. Finally, we
learn the mind can overcome the matter.

Without each other they know not of what they are. For their only knowledge
is that of their reflection. Locked in this room together, they must find
peace. Only when the mind and body finally learn to respect each other, that
without each other they cannot find what they seek, to grow, transform and
regenerate and unite here and now.

Younger and younger we are achieving this state as the whole of human
knowledge has been collected from great training, meditation, knowledge and

When you slow it all down, stop, close your eyes, turn off your senses and
stop your mind, and visit your inner being to let them know they are loved
and you are listening, this is the only thing that can put us at peace,
where we were before here and where we will be after. It is home.

The essence to peace is belief in eternity. The gift that is the result of
total faith in this belief is life itself.

It is only here at this peace can you begin to connect to the entire
universe and all that can be. This is the eternal oneness that resides
within us all.

Creation will only live on as we connect with and respect it.

All things are as all things do. Everything you do causes more of it. That
is what will live. Whatever you do the most, there will be the most of.
Disrespect this physical world, it will die and regenerate as something

Feel within, connect yourself, heal yourself, take care of your center, your
machine, your life generator, then help others to take care of theirs.
Spread growth and love and power through “the force” of respect and

Realize… to look after it, to nourish it, and it will flourish. When it
flourishes, it thanks our mind by way of good feelings. In sync they
harmonize into synthesis. This is life.

When we die, the parts of us that are remembered, live on.  We are
surrounded with more life, memories and knowledge than anyone before us. And
so will be everyone after us. Energy impacts, imprints, creates and
transforms. May all darkness make light shine brighter.

In a million years when a person is born, they will be born knowing
everything and they will never die. Everything you do will be a part of that
being. That is Gods creation of himself. He let himself go, became the
universe, and through creation will be turned back into himself. Adam and
Eve will be the last to create him. They will die and he will do it all


The real world can not be seen by the physical body. It is ever changing
lights and fields of colorful water like looking shades of mixtures of
particles reacting and recreating. People draw pictures of similar looking
places when they do psychedelics.
Without our physical bodies to hinder our view, (create our perspective)
that is all we could see and be. When we put on our body, we put on our
cloak. We entrap our once free roaming energy. It is collected from the
creation of intention and thought-uniting. Like Avatar, we grow in the
incubator of the body forming as our genes have mapped us to, collecting
information as we grow. From this moment on, we become effected by our
environment and mutate appropriately. Each collection is given it’s own set
of challenges. Everyone’s is unique and different and the same.

Animals, Mammals, insects, have less sheath. Less mis-interpretation, less
foggy view of energy. But even the domesticated animal is challenged by its
need for food, love and physical care, enslaved to it’s needs, hindered by
the need to survive and act accordingly. Like the underwater world, we are
limited to our design.

When you don’t care, the universe cares for you. Because you are part of it.
The bravest are rewarded the highest. Let go. Go inside. Be free. Be real.
Unite. REAL IZE.

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Is a certain mindset inherent to those who die, based on how they lived. Those who want to die do not seam to be afforded a bold tragedy or quick painless death. Those who do not care one way or the other, but hope and be and do everything the best they can, so that they will be spared in the nicest way…..seamingly are.


The way someone dies may be the actual visible measure of someone’s invisible success. Die slowly if more evil than good occurred in your lifetime, and die quickly and painlessly for those that blessed more than took. Of course that would leave everyone in between with a death equivalent to the life they either respected or didn’t.



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