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Dr. Joe Rubino on ‘Everything is Energy’ podcast -Catapulting Self Esteem. 

Dr Joe’s own Self Esteem mp3 and accompanying PDF preview.

We, too often, confuse what was actually said or done with the personal meaning we attribute to these occurrences. Those who suffer low self-esteem share a greater tendency to tack negative meanings onto life’s events. The significance they place on these situations has negative personal connotations, even when none were intended or existed. These damaging interpretations immediately trigger anger, sadness or fear. These emotions rapidly become familiar and induce a false sense of security. Although we hate feeling angry, sad or afraid, we continually create explanations of events that land us in these moods. Later in this book, we will explain how our human machinery takes full advantage of the power of these strong emotions to keep our low self-image in place. We continually collapse facts with interpretations. The stronger the emotions become, the greater our tendency to attribute incorrect connotations to situations. The more we do so, the further our self-esteem erodes. 

The good news is that anyone can learn new behavior of attaching positive or neutral meaning to things that are said or done, replacing the typical negative implications. The first step requires developing the ability to distinguish 

facts from the interpretations we attribute to the facts. This is especially useful during times of stress and upset, when the emotions of anger, sadness or fear are present. Like red flags, these emotions warn us that we are confusing facts with interpretations, triggering the negative self-talk that eats away at our self-esteem.

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