It’s all YOU – Get Over It

The intellectual function of perception- Our beliefs and habits create mental blind spots when we perceive the world. People open to seeing and not judging have a greater understanding of whats actually going on. When you’re confronted with a situation you dont like, pay attention to how it feels to you. If you’re bothered by something, it’s usually because there is something you have not come to terms with yourself and therefore are not understanding about the other person. The solution lies within you. Remember everyone is fighting their own battle, far beyond what you can imagine. The hardest to love need it the most. Listen.

“Words are misinterpreted just as readily as the people who used them misinterpreted the people they were intended for. Negative words only come from negative thoughts. Negative thoughts only come from negative feelings. Negative feelings only come from negative experiences. Negativity only comes from fear. Fear only comes from what we do not understand” read “Words” (article)

“Our own thought patterns effect the health of our body. Each emotional response can be part of an underlying “cause” of a physical illness, understanding the illness can help you address the cause and thereby help the body in eliminating the physical disease.”



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Chelsea Redwood

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