You have to climb the ladder; like a caterpillar to a butterfly. Each step forward, up the ladder (as each minute passes) you will move forward; like a bicycle-each rotation propelling you to the next. The more powerful the step, rotation, or movement forward, the rest are that follow.

The speed of the flow will become you until you move from a thought coming to fruition in a couple of hours, to total momentary synchronicity.

Happiness and love (euphoria) will take you onto a cloud, as it pulls all activity away from the pain judgement centers of the brain to the opposite happy numbing side of bliss.

If each step is not appreciated, they won’t get better. If they are, they will. This is the way in which they rise-elevate.

Keep finding ‘omg’ thoughts and feelings, and you will draw more to you. Be amazed at life while it happens and it will happen so much, that you won’t have time to recollect them before they are continually out-done.  This is crazy amazing!

Live in amazement, and you will become part of it.

Don’t diss the dumb blonde jokes, the old people with no memory, the mentally retarded; ignorance is bliss and simplicity is beautiful. Become simple. Simplify.

Be in charge of you, no one else, and the world will fall into place as though it were made for you.

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