I have lived one incredible life. From a young age, the moment I was born, I was ahead of my time, busting out, ready or not, at 5 months and 3lbs. I didn’t have any fingernails or eyelashes, and I was covered in hair everywhere except my head. Technology kept me alive, like it does today and people were amazed at my ability to survive, like they are today. I never imagined making it past 40. As I sit here 1 month after my 40th Birthday, I have a lot to say and even more to do. The clock is ticking.
I have survived 12 amazing souls that have irreversibly changed my life. Each time I loved someone I thought  I couldn’t live without, they died. My respect for life  brings me here, where I will tell it like I see it and share it with the world. Love, Peace, Shalom. 
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 Chelsea Redwood








Generally, I think too much, go big, don’t slow down and am usually looking for, or on some type of adventure. I am hated for not answering my phone, texting too much, and telling people what I think. If I haven’t asked you when your birthday is, then it is likely you have not met me.

My friends say I am worldly, other worldly, fearless, forgiving, insightful, intuitive and extremely hard-working. I love ferociously, tell it like I see it, and don’t hold back. I’m always learning and always teaching what I’ve learned.